wjhmНа сайте журнала «Journal of Homosexuality» доступны статьи нового номера, 64(11) за 2017 год:

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  1. Perceived Cross-Orientation Infidelity: Heterosexual Perceptions of Same-Sex Cheating in Exclusive Relationships
    Benjamin L. Compton & Jonathan M. Bowman
  2. Understanding How Policy and Culture Create Oppressive Conditions for LGBTQ2S Youth in the Shelter System
    Alex Abramovich
  3. Staff Member Reactions to Same-Gender, Resident-to-Resident Sexual Behavior Within Long-Term Care Facilities
    Andrew Ahrendt, Eric Sprankle, Alex Kuka & Keagan McPherson
  4. Methods Used and Topics Addressed in Quantitative Health Research on Gay, Bisexual and Other Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Systematic Review of the Literature
    David J. Brennan, Greta R. Bauer, Kaitlin Bradley & Oth Vilaythong Tran
  5. Perspectives of LGBTQ Older Adults on Aging in Place: A Qualitative Investigation
    Jennifer M. Boggs, Jennifer Dickman Portz, Diane K. King, Leslie A. Wright, Kenneth Helander, Jessica H. Retrum, & Wendolyn S. Gozansky
  6. That Man Behind the Curtain: Investigating the Sexual Online Dating Behavior of Men Who Have Sex With Men but Hide Their Same-Sex Sexual Attraction in Offline Surroundings
    Richard Lemke & Mathias Weber
  7. Attitudes Toward Same-Sex Parenting: An Effect of Gender
    Stephanie N. Webb, Jill M. Chonody, & Phillip S. Kavanagh
  8. Associations of Perceived Parental Psychopathology with Mental Health Burden and Lifetime Drug Use in Gay, Bisexual, and other YMSM: The P18 Cohort Study
    Perry N. Halkitis, Marybec Griffin-Tomas, Michael D. Levy, Richard E. Greene & Farzana Kapadia

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