genderstudiesНа сайте журнала «Journal of Gender Studies» доступны статьи нового номера, 26(4) за 2017 год:

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  1. Gender flexible pedagogy in early childhood education
    Jo Warin & Vina Adriany
  2. Single, straight, wants kids: media framing of single, heterosexual fatherhood via assisted reproduction
    Katherine M. Johnson
  3. Sacrifice for the family: representation and practice of stay-at-home fathers in the intersection of masculinity and class in Hong Kong
    Mario Liong
  4. Barriers to women’s access to decision-making positions in sport organizations: the case of establishing a girls’ volleyball academy in Israel
    Moran Betzer-Tayar, Sima Zach, Yair Galily & Ian Henry
  5. The image of ‘ideal’ Turkish womanhood? a Bakhtinian approach to Halide Edib Adıvar’s Raik’in Annesi (Raik’s Mother) (1909)
    Sevinc Elaman-Garner
  6. Chōra/Chōros: Samuel R. Delany and the masculine semiotic in Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders (2012)
    Cameron Ellis
  7. Abnormal fears: the queer Arctic in Michelle Paver’s Dark Matter
    Maria Lindgren Leavenworth
  8. Book Reviews. Oscar Wilde prefigured: queer fashioning and British caricature, 1750–1900
    Ellen Ricketts
  9. Book Reviews. The biopolitics of gender
    Megan Walker
  10. Book Reviews. Economic citizenship: neoliberal paradoxes of empowerment
    Elaine Coburn
  11. Book Reviews. Exploring aging masculinities: the body, sexuality and social lives
    Matthew Hall
  12. Book Reviews. Some men: feminist allies & the movement to end violence against women
    Trenton M. Haltom
  13. Book Reviews. Tea Party women: mama grizzlies, grassroots leaders, and the changing face of the American right
    Ronnee Schreiber
  14. Book Reviews. Radiation brain moms and citizen scientists: the gender politics of food contamination after Fukushima
    Hiroko Takeda

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